We offer a 24/7, water restoration and make safe service with onsite carpet drying equipment.


When disaster strikes you need an immediate response. Leaving carpets and other areas to dry naturally after flooding could result in damage to the carpets and microbial germs can start to flourish.


We have technicians who will assess the damage and set up specialist drying equipment to restore and dry the affected areas as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in working to the highest Industry Standards.


We can solve all your problems regarding wet or flooded carpets and upholstery. Whether it’s the washing machine or sink overflowing affecting just one room, or with heavy rains the whole house now water damaged, wecan restore your home or office quickly, with as little interruption as possible. (Response may vary due to work loads).


We are your locally owned team with our own professional equipment, and we take great pride in using the right equipment to get you the best possible result.With over 16 year’s local experience, we deliver the highest standard of service in Maitland, Newcastle and the Hunter valley areas

Nova Clean are pioneers in the latest carpet cleaning applications from commercial to domestic. We have it all, from the latest truck mounted carpet cleaners to the more portable range.

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