A Clean Mattress is more than just washing your sheets and Pillow Cases. Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) for your bed could be the key to better health.

We use environmentally friendly methods and cleaning products. Sanitisation is important in every part of the house, but none more than your mattress. On average, a human being spends one-third of his/her life sleeping. It is important to have a clean mattress, as you have to spend so much time on it! The problem with mattresses is usually that the dirt is not evident. If there is a stain, that can be easily spotted and washed. However, dead skin cells and dust mites ingrained into the fabric cannot be seen by the naked eye, so it is difficult to clean.

Our professional mattress cleaning thoroughlypre vacuums, stain treats, deodorizes and steam cleans all matress surfaces to eliminate dust mites, dead skin and other microbial contaminants in your matress leaving your matress looking brighter, smelling cleaner and healthier.

We are your locally owned team with our own professional equipment, and we take great pride in using the right equipment to get you the best possible result.With over 16 year’s local experience, we deliver the highest standard of service in Maitland, Newcastle and the Hunter valley areas.

Nova Clean are pioneers in the latest carpet cleaning applications from commercial to domestic. We have it all, from the latest truck mounted carpet cleaners to the more portable range.

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