We offer both an above surface treatment and a below surface treatment for odour control, pending the severity of the odour problem. For the most severe cases a below surface treatment is a must!


Deoderising/ sanitising can be done independently to steam cleaning or in conjunction with a steam clean option of your choice. For best results we recommend the heavy steam cleaning option in conjunction with thedeoderising/ sanitising treatment to get to the cause of the problem first, then treat the problem to remove the cause of the odour.


We are your locally owned team with our own professional equipment, and we take great pride in using the right equipment to get you the best possible result.With over 16 year’s local experience, we deliver the highest standard of service in Maitland, Newcastle and the Hunter valley areas.

Nova Clean are pioneers in the latest carpet cleaning applications from commercial to domestic. We have it all, from the latest truck mounted carpet cleaners to the more portable range.

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